Forever Duke Award

Rewarding excellence in volunteer leadership

Alumni Forever Duke Award

Our newest award, presented for the first time in 2009, is our way of recognizing alumni who have offered excellent recent volunteer leadership in support of the Duke Alumni Association’s mission of engaging, connecting, and celebrating. This could include inspiring service in such roles as a leader of Duke Alums Engage, on a campus board or committee such as a Board of Visitors or Capital Campaign Committee, or as a coordinator of one of our regional networks or a class reunion. We honor recipients each year at Homecoming.

Each year, nominations are submitted by staff in the Alumni Affairs and University Development offices and approved by their respective boards. The winners are notified of their selection by the president in July. Nominators should describe in detail how their candidates have excelled in their volunteer position. See criteria and guidelines for nominations.

To nominate a fellow alum, please fill out and submit the online nomination form.



Congratulations to the 2013 Forever Duke Award honorees

Ellen Erway ’79   Donald Latham ’62   Yasmin Rasyid ’98
Olanike “Nikki” Fajana M.B.A.’00   Jennifer Lohn ’04   Rita McCloy Stephanz ’83
Susan Cohen Gower B.S.N. ’80   James McGinnis ’87   Bharat Tandon M.B.A.’86
Tami Sandercock Holsten ’89   Junji Morishita M.B.A. ’03   Lieutenant Colonel Euseekers “Zeke” Williams Jr. M.B.A. ’05
Katherine Johnson ’93   Judith Wagoner Pahren ’84   Eric Wong ’96
Ariel “Ari” Eliezer Kestin ’95        

Other Forever Duke Award Honorees

2012 Winners

Meredith W. Allin E’05   Jimmy Grewal T’99    Tricia D. McKitty T’92 L’95 
Alyssa Fanelli Benza E’02   Nancy Hegarty T’83   Tiffany Montgomery Bishop T’98
Stephen Kirk Breckenridge T’83   Paul Honigberg T’77   Ken Myers T’70 
Thomas Brodsky T’73    William Hunt  T’84   Joanne Robertson T’85 M.B.A.’87 
Rosie Canizares T’04   Ellen Bers Johnson WC’68   Gisela Rose-Shortridge T’76
J.P. Cardona M.B.A.’00    Paul Kim T’97    Donald Shlimbaum T’70
Julie Elizabeth Elhers T’85   Sheree Cooper Levy T’89    Newton Taylor L’60  

2011 Winners

Captain Christopher Anthony Abbate T’92   Catherine Richardson McCarthy T’86   Nicholas J. Superina T’03
Major Randy J. Garcia T'01   Dr. William R. Norris B’07   Gregg Stuart Tenser T’89
R. H. Eric Goss B’92   Luis Ken Ohara T’02   Edward Bryan Thomas T’98
Grant Henry Hill T’94   Richard Herbert Patterson, Jr. T’80   Amy E. Unell T’03
William Asa Lawrence III T’85   Michael Joseph Rosen T’84   Dr. Linda Z. Winikoff T’76
T. Reid Lewis T’84   Kenneth Thomas Schiciano E’84

Class of 1981 Reunions Leadership - Group Award

Susan Gavoor Delaney T’81
Julie E. Ferguson T’81
T. Ritson Ferguson III T’81
Mary Margaret Lang T’81
Elizabeth York Schiff T’81, L’85
Dr. James Andrew Schiff T’81

2010 Winners

Ellen Cates Adams '62   Daniel Scott Feldstein '90   Dr. Megan M. Morsheimer '01
Jill Lauren Arnold '97   Sean W. Glynn '86   Amy Raffaella Shugar '98, M.B.A. '06
Dr. Daniel R. Bronfin '79   Fred E. Goldring '79   Sarah L. Stogner '04
Robin S. Buck '94   Jason K. Jones '91   Richard L. Strasburger, Jr. '10
Connie T. Chai '10   Loree B. Lipstein '03   Jeffrey E. Tabak '79, L '82
Elizabeth R. Dixon '05   Yoav Lurie '05   Anthony W. Vitarelli '05
Dr. David J. Edwards IV M '07   Michael William Meyer '84  

2009 Winners

Alice Lorraine Arthur ’79   Meredith Smith McElmurry ’98   Caroline Christy Susman ’88
Elise Taylor Atkins B.S.E.’78, M.S.’80   Sean C. Meakim ’01   Dawn M. Taylor ’89
Terry J. Chili ’76, M.B.A.’82   Gavin K. Murphy ’02   Amy Dawson Tondu ’90
Stacy Norman Coggins II ’74   Markus A. Nauheim LL.M.’96   Mary McManaway Tucker ’81
Julie E. Ehlers ’85   Richard F. Piech ’70   Donald H. Tucker, Jr. ’81
Julie Guest ’85   Kimberly D. Reed ’86   Michael C. Weiner ’91
Albert M Gumb ’56   Vijay A. Shah M.B.A.’85   Susan Payor Wilkerson ’83  
Carson Dowd Howard ’76   Joseph J. Smallhoover ’75   Samuel A. Wineburgh ’96  
Jeffrey C. Howard ’76