Awards and Scholarships

Encouraging and rewarding Duke excellence

Duke Alumni Association celebrates the reputation for excellence and public-spiritedness that Duke University and its graduates have earned throughout the world. We give several annual awards to honor those who exemplify these ideals and to uphold them as examples before the community.

Our alumni have also funded scholarships to cultivate future generations of exemplary Duke graduates, attracting students with high potential for success to the university and enabling many who would not otherwise have attended to become Forever Duke.

2013 Award Winners

E. Blake Byrne ’57 honored with the Distinguished Alumni Award

E. Blake Byrne ’57








Mohamed Noor, Earl D. McLean Professor and Associate Chair of Biology Lab Principal Investigator honored with the 2013 ADUTA award

Mohamed NoorDr. Noor did his undergraduate studies at William & Mary, finished his PhD at the University of Chicago in Ecology and Evolution from the University of Chicago. He did a postdoc at Cornell, and started his first faculty position at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge from 1998 through 2005.  He came to Duke in 2005, and has established himself as one of the most admired and popular teachers at the entire university already winning the 2012 David and Janet Vaughan Brooks Teaching Award, the 2010 Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentoring, and the Gordon G. Hammes Faculty Teaching Award in 2007 from the Duke University School of Medicine, all prior to the 2013 ADUTA.

Dr. Noor’s research team studies the genetic changes associated with new species formation as well as trying to infer evolutionary processes from patterns of DNA sequence variation. In 2008 he was awarded the prestigious Darwin-Wallace Medal, at that time only awarded every 50 years, from the Linnean Society for “major advances in evolutionary biology.” Dr. Noor has served as Associate Chair of Biology since 2007, and will start a term as Department Chair of Biology on July 1, 2013.

2013 Charles A. Dukes Award winners

Leland Bassett ’59
Nelson Bellido ’89     
Mary “Kazie” C. Metzger WC’68
Peter Moller ’61
Jean Derek Penn ’79, M.B.A. ’84 

2013 Forever Duke Award Winners

Ellen Erway ’79   Donald Latham ’62   Yasmin Rasyid ’98
Olanike “Nikki” Fajana M.B.A.’00   Jennifer Lohn Upton ’04   Rita McCloy Stephanz ’83
Susan Cohen Gower B.S.N. ’80   James McGinnis ’87   Bharat Tandon M.B.A.’86
Tami Sandercock Holsten ’89   Junji Morishita M.B.A. ’03   Lieutenant Colonel Euseekers “Zeke” Williams Jr. M.B.A. ’05
Katherine Johnson ’93   Judith Wagoner Pahren ’84   Eric Wong ’96
Ariel “Ari” Eliezer Kestin ’95        

Nelson Bellido '89
Christopher D. Brandt '00
Paul Felipe Lagunes '03
Timothy Mendoza M.B.A.'92
Roberto Olivares III '88
Roberta Oyakawa '86


Tiffani Sherman '95
Michael Stein '97
Harry Venezia Jr. '86, M.B.A.'92


William Allen Bermont II '97
Elizabeth Higgins '07
Linda Martin J.D.'96